Size Doesn’t Matter

Hihi my darlings,

Am I talking about a guy’s ding ding dong? Unfortunately…no… What am I talking about? I’m talking about us females, and the numerous sizes, scales, and brands of clothes that we have to deal with! No, this is not going to be a post complaining about how annoying it is to buy clothes, or find the right pair of jeans/pants that fit, or dress/skirt that fits perfectly. THAT post would be too long for discussion. I am here to discuss is personal experience of mine that has happened recently, and would like to shine a positive light on it.

A few days ago, I went shopping for some athletic wear, and I found this pair of SUPER CUTE leggings on final sale! I knew my size was a bit bigger for this brand, so I decided to try the bigger size, if it didn’t fit then I won’t have to buy it and save money… SURPRISINGLY they fit! Not sure if that’s fortunate for me, or unfortunate for my wallet. I bought them, and on the way home I kept thinking to myself, WOW I have NEVER purchased a pant this big before! Even during my college freshman 15 time period, I never needed to purchase a pant sized this big before! However, I was not feeling upset/concerned, or anxious to get home so I could change and run to the gym to lose weight or get my size down. I felt comfortable, and HAPPY that I got such a great deal on a pair of leggings. I did end up going to the gym after I went out to eat some delicious sushi, but not because I felt I HAD to, but because I was just so excited to wear my new leggings I couldn’t wait until tomorrow! If you know me, you’d know I’m not lying when I say I can’t wait. This is why I’m the worst gift giver because I can never wait until the actual day of celebration to give a gift because I want to just GIVE THE GIFT and see the SMILE on the person’s face…it’s soooooo exciting! But the point is not about me and how impatient I am about things that excite me, but about how I am at a point of my life where I feel comfortable with myself to accept the fact that these leggings were a size 8. Images at the end of post! I know that I eat healthy, and workout regularly, and I see changes in my body which is why I am comfortable with the size and my body. I feel energized everyday, and have been naturally waking up earlier and earlier just because!

Yes, it’s “all great for me” as some of you may be saying, and of course I know there are going to be people hating on me, and thinking “well of course you’re okay with it you skinny biotch”. First off, clearly I am not skinny if the legging I purchased was a size 8. Second of all, as I said before, I am comfortable with my size because I workout and eat healthy. And lastly, I am not stating that this may be the same for everyone, and that you shouldn’t exactly CARE about what size clothing you are, but CARE about your body then naturally size will not matter. If you eat junk, and treat your body with junk, and are unhappy about the size of clothing you are, then start changing your habits gradually to turn it into your lifestyle. However, if you know that you’re healthy, and you treat your body like how you should, then begin to realize that everyone is different. I know it’s been said before, and you hear it all the time, but just remind yourself that everyone’s body is different. Everyone’s genes are different, and though you may be striving for a certain image, or have a certain goal in mind, do not upset yourself if you’re not even coming close to that image. The most important thing to remember on this path to your goal is not to try to look or be like someone else, but to be yourself and look like yourself!

Now, why am I blogging about this? Recently, one of my friends has taken the initiative to change her lifestyle because of a size. Of course, this is probably not the ONLY reason, but after purchasing a size 8 legging myself, when I am usually a 4, I felt it was necessary to blog about size. My friend is beautiful as she is already, and always exhibits confidence. But because of this shocking surprise of a clothing size triggering herself to re-examine her body, and to change her diet habits a bit more drastically as well as her workouts a bit more drastically, she is striving to have a certain body she wants to achieve. I just want to remind everyone that when you do make these positive changes, your body may change in unexpected ways. For me, since I am of asian decent, duh, my butt has gotten bigger, and I am a bit curvier now too. Also, my diet is not as strict as some people may expect. I eat what I feel like my body is telling me. I listen to what my body tells me. If I am feeling a bit weaker than usual, I try to eat things that would fill me up and give me more energy, like fish/meat, and some delicious brown/black/white rice. If you are upping your workouts, please be aware that your diet needs extra focus. Some people forget that you are going to need healthy fat/calories to have energy to workout, since your body will be burning this during the workout! AND of course I’m not saying stuff your face with pizza/ mac n cheese/ fried chicken for the fat/calories, but not to limit yourself of healthy fats/calories and to actually use your OFF day of eating the foods you enjoy! Especially during this time of year, when it’s cold in the east coast, you’re going to need as much energy to protect yourself from viruses/ illness, and to prevent yourself from getting sick daily.

All in all, whatever changes you are deciding to do to your lifestyle, just remember that you are doing them for positive reasons and for YOURSELF. AND congrats on making these changes for yourself! So proud of you! It is not selfish to treat yourself  and spoil yourself, because then will you have the energy to care and treat others with as much respect as you have for yourself.

Side note, I’m going off to Taiwan tomorrow to see my grandparents and spend Chinese New Year with  them! Totally excited to go to the farmer’s market every morning for fresh foods/fruits/vegetables! I hope everyone will have a healthy and happy year/life! =] Below are the cute leggings this blog’s about! haha

10969257_10204402898055865_1021156931_o 10960686_10204402899375898_654881531_o 10956747_10204402874015264_213864598_o 10578290_10204402899655905_277292295_o 10956037_10204402886935587_232683114_o

Love you all!



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