Making Moves

Hihi my darlings!

I know I haven’t posted in awhile but I’ve been pretty busy with my life. SO much has been happening that I didn’t really have much time to just sit with my thoughts and blog! But I finally took the time to update y’all on my life and my skin of course!

First off, I finally QUIT MY JOB! It was the best decision of my life, and do not regret it at all! If you couldn’t tell from my previous posts, I was absolutely miserable at my work! I am not going to rant/bash on the company and/or management, but it just wasn’t for me. I believe my choice was made when I made my first blog post. Like I have said over and over again, I want to do something that means something. I want to make a difference in someone’s life and I was not doing that by sitting behind a computer screen, make that 2 computer screens, and being undervalued for the work I put in. A big part of why I felt so useless was because of the job I had. It is a pretty typical desk job, with awesome coworkers which is the only reason why I lasted as long as I did there. But nonetheless, I do appreciate having that job, because if I wasn’t so depressed/angry/stressed there, I probably wouldn’t have quit and had enough courage to leave that safe job and switch careers into the FITNESS INDUSTRY to follow my passion.

Now what have I been up to that made me too busy to blog? Well other than figuring out my plans after quitting my job, haha I went back to California! I went to take a workshop for becoming a group fitness instructor in POPPILATES. Now if you do not know what that is, well, it was created by this chick Cassey Ho, who I also got to personally meet, and I seriously FAN GIRLED! She is probably the most famous person I have ever met in my life, hence my fangirling. Anyways, it was the most inspiring, fun, relaxing “vacation” I ever had! I learned so much during the workshops, and it truly inspired me even more to follow what I wanted to do. I met so many amazing people there that supported my thinking and decision for quitting my job and doing what I truly want to do! The most nerve racking part about the trip was coming home to face reality and to work up the courage to explain everything to my family.

I know my family will always support me, and just want me to be happy, BUT they also have expectations for me. In short, I threw in my 2 weeks notice, and then decided to tell my family about my decision because I knew they would try to change my mind. As of now, they may not fully support me yet because I have not succeeded, but they aren’t hating on it either. I still believe in myself, and this is still a decision that I have made for myself and am very proud that I was brave enough to even do it so haters gonna hate hate hate but I’m just gonna shake shake shake. HAHA. 

That’s actually really all that I’ve been up to! I’m done with my desk job, and am now just practicing my pilates routine, and setting up classes so that I can practice teaching my friends/students. If you’re interested, please let me know and I’ll schedule/set up a class! I’ve also just been enjoying my life without all the social media stuff. I’m not the best at updating my life on the web, facebook, twitter, etc…because I’d rather just embrace the moments that I’m in, instead of halting them with pictures, but I’ll try to get better at it.

As for my skin, well most of them have dried up and the first layer has peeled off, other than on my lower legs. So today I decided to try to frank coffee body scrub that I got to see if it truly will help with psoriasis. Today is the first day I tried it tho, so I will update again in a few weeks if there were any changes. Pictures are below…(BOYS sorry, I’m not sorry for the hairiness. It is pretty difficult to shave around every single rash, so I just didn’t…plus it’s the winter. OH WELL more to keep me warm)

20141203_130408_resized 20141203_130155_resized 20141203_130130_resized 20141203_125631_resized 20141203_125622_resized 20141203_125613_resized

Love y’all!



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