Diet Shm-iet

Hihi my darlings!

Here is a quick little update on my status. Health-wise, I am recovering from last weekend when I had a few glasses of wine, and then puking after the shot of vodka… Lets just say that it was NOT worth it at all –I should totally just stick to tequila HAHA JKJK. I am unsure as to how my body really reacted that way, since I am usually pretty good with my liquor, but I guess there is still some bug/cold inside of my body that just did not agree with my actions. It was very stupid of me to take that shot, when I really did not want to, and yet I did. So I puked all day Sunday, took off Monday to rest, and went back to work on Tuesday which was just as miserable as being sick at home. But on the plus side, I am feeling much better, and am currently eating a gluten-free double chocolate pound cake with a hot cup of chai…and speaking of gluten-free…

I am not following a gluten-free diet anymore- haha, me and commitment. I really was trying my best to follow it, and for the most part it wasn’t that difficult until it came to eating out. If I got invited out for dinner or drinks, many things are not gluten-free on the menu, and waiters/waitresses do not know whether it is or not… unless I am meeting up at some hipster cafe/bistro place where it would be labeled. It seriously was stressing me out, because I wanted to eat; But I didn’t want to cause problems for the staff even if I am a customer. I’d rather not risk having a special recipe of the staff’s loogies on my “gluten-free” burger. Plus, after I finally stopped puking and had an appetite again, my dad fed me massive bowls of noodles, and at that point I did not care about my gluten-free diet. I am trying to reduce my stress, not add another factor onto the list- thus no more gluten-free diet. My diet now is obviously still very healthy with lots of fruits/vegetables, fish-proteins, whole grains, and some sweet indulgences when I feel like it. The best way for ME to be stress-free is to just eat whatever I’m craving. Since my diet has always been pretty healthy (extra healthy in college), I usually crave healthy foods like juicy salads, fresh fruit, or tomatoes. Of course, once in awhile I will want me a BIG grilled HOTDOG ;], or some yummy PIZZA, and my diet will kindly allow these foods to enter my belly, because my mouth says so! But forreals, food has always been a wonderful aid in my stress/happiness that I just cannot limit myself, and I don’t get why I tried to fool myself that I could put a limit to it. If something is not you, don’t force yourself. Props to those who could stick to a strict diet regimen, but as for me, the inner fatty in me does not allow it. No, it is not because I am a quitter, or I am weak, I just don’t want to. It does not make me happy doing it, and if it is not causing any serious harm to my body, then why restrict myself? Now if only I could stick to not buying shoes…NOT.

So back to my health, I went to a reliable dermatologist and he confirmed that what I have is guttate psoriasis. The best treatment is UV-light treatment, which I could get from the sun, if it wasn’t getting so darn cold outside. So that is the next step, to do some research on light treatment…OR excuse myself to go on a trip once a month to someplace warm and sunny! I enjoy that idea better, hehe. As for my condition, I have not seen any new bumps which is good, and my SCALES-yes, call me TOOTHLESS– are drying and flaking off, so I am slathering aveeno like no other on me. And mentally I am getting through each day by focusing on what I want to do in life, which is working towards ways to break out into the fitness industry. I will update later on about that whole spiel =].

Finally,I will end with a few pictures of adventures that I have been on recently, and foods that I have been eating! I went to an oyster festival last week, and to a farm today during my lunch break. I usually try to go exploring on my lunch breaks while at work especially since it is still nice out-gotta get that UV LIGHT- and just to give me some sanity during the day- plus I was craving cider donuts which they ran out of when I got to the farm today =[. OH WELL. Leave me some hugsss, questions, comments, emoticons, and smilessss!

Loveeee you all!


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