The Beginning

Hihi my darlings!

Majority of you are wondering why I’m starting this blog, and it’s because it is not only for me, but for others who need support. I want to spread awareness of my condition… which I am proud to announce that I have PLAQUE PSORIASIS. My biopsy results have finally come back after 3 weeks of having these beautiful red bumps over my body, and the result is, well Psoriasis.

One of the ways to feel comfortable in public with my appearance is to help spread awareness about Psoriasis. And by spreading awareness, hopefully others will begin to feel more comfortable and confident about their appearances too. Now, since my dermatologist who basically told me to do my own research online (clearly I am never going back to this doc. and have already made an appointment with someone else, so no worries), I frighteningly drove home to do my research on this chronic disease (which is the only fact the doc. told me… how supportive -_-). Anyways, here are some general facts that sums it up.

  • It is NOT contagious. (So gimme more and more hugs!!!)
  • It is an autoimmune disease that causes raised red, patchy scales on the body
  • There are different types of Psoriasis and they can range in severity
  • There is no definitive cure, but there are treatments
  • Triggers of Psoriasis include upper respiratory infections, strep, tonsillitis, injury to skin, drugs, and STRESS (so next time you freak out about that email at work, take a deep breath and think again!)

If you would like to learn more, you can read more here.

In my research, I also found that it is quite a common disease, and affects some celebrities as well! The most inspiring celebrity being CariDee English (America’s Next Top Model 2006), who even posted up pictures of her with psoriasis on her skin! She did it to motivate others, and I am doing this blog to help motivate and support others as well! I will be posting up pictures as well in a later post on my condition, to show what it is I am going through, as well as results of when I go through natural treatments I researched online and am willing to try.

So going back to the whole point of this blog. If you know me, you will know that I am quite a natural girl. I live and eat pretty healthily (probably a bit more than average healthy), and yet I received this disease. Though I don’t know what exactly triggered this flare, I am going to assume it’s stress. Honestly, I have been very depressed and stressed for the past couple of months. If you ask me why, I could just continue on and on about everything that I am unsatisfied about in my life, but I will not bore you with that now. Let me just say that if you are reading this, you are most likely a friend, a future friend I hope, or an acquaintance; and I am not writing about this to guilt you for your comfort, to guilt you in getting back in touch, nor to guilt you for not acknowledging my depression. I do not blame anyone for this other than myself, and I have already forgave myself the night I found out I had it. This is definitely not worth the stress and depression that I was going through, but regardless “everything happens for a reason“.

Whenever an event that truly impacts my life and my way of living occurs, I believe that there is some reason for it. So what is the meaning of getting psoriasis? Well that is what I am trying to make happen now! Part of my depression was feeling quite useless. In general, I felt useless, like life was meaningless (haha, how vague -_-). Everyday became so mundane and habitual that things slowly began to feel meaningless. I know I know, “that’s the way the working life is”…but that’s not what I want! Something in me just kept feeling like this is NOT IT! There has got to be more to life! I have got to make an impact on someone’s life, because then I would truly feel like I have succeeded (not to be morbid, but the way I always wanted to die was in a heroic way, like pushing a kid out of the street right before getting hit by a car, heh so CHEESY). Anyways, maybe now I can make that impact for someone! Maybe, by spreading my thoughts, my words of encouragement, and just my overall happiness and quirkiness, I can be that much closer in succeeding my goal. I never wanted those around me to worry about me because my goal is not to have others worry about me, but for others to just enjoy my company, and to be happy just being around me. Thus, having you read this right now is one step closer to the whole goal of this blog, and I appreciate the time you have taken to read this.

What’s the next step? Well like I said, this is going to be about the path I will be taking to help treat my psoriasis, and to help provide support for others. As mentioned before, I am a natural girl. I do not want to be taking any drug specifically for these flare ups, and I want to try to tame it in the most natural way as possible. Right now, however I am only half natural, with applying a topical gel on my bumps, just because I am still not 100% sure how severe my condition is, and etc. However, yesterday I started my gluten free diet. I never ate that much gluten to begin with, but after doing much research online, many people have stated that gluten free diets can help prevent flare ups and to tame the bumps. So, even though I loveeee me some yummy cardboard (wheat) toast, and pizza, I have given it up. And luckily, rice is gluten-free, otherwise I’d be a pretty bad asian. HAHA. Anyways, I will post up some pictures of my gluten free meals, and my overall lifestyle to this blog (or an instagram if you guys think it’s a good idea?) too to provide ideas or suggestions for stress relievers. Changing my diet is already a pretty big deal for me since I have never been OVERLY strict with my diet before, so doing this for a good 2-3 weeks will be a bit difficult. But I want to do it for all of you and for myself. Baby steps on this bumpy road…

Thank you all for taking the time to read/skim through my first post! Please leave me comments, suggestions, questions, or emojis! I love you all!


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